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The Deltona church of Christ welcomes you!

The Deltona church of Christ welcomes all who are visiting or living in the area to come to our assembly. We are a congregation of the Lord's church who believe that we are to speak only where the Bible speaks (1 Peter 4:11). We have the Bible as our only rule of faith and guide for the conduct of our daily life. We lift up Christ in our preaching, teaching and in our public worship as the means to draw men to God (John 12:32). You will find our worship assemblies and Bible classes encouraging, edifying and instructive in the word of God.

We are located just 35 minutes from Orlando, FL and 25 minutes from Daytona Beach, FL. We are only 10 minutes off I-4 and 30 minutes from I-95. You can get off any of the three Deltona exits from I-4. Take any one of them to Providence Blvd. and then travel to 1301 Providence Blvd. It is very easy to find.

If you would like to study the Bible thru the mail, we have free Bible correspondence courses that you can enroll in. These are studies that you do on your own, with your own Bible. Click on the Free Bible Correspondence Courses link for sign-up instructions.

Our Meeting Times

Bible class for all ages - 9:00 am
Morning assembly - 10:00am
Evening assembly - 6:00 pm

Mid-week Bible Study
For All Ages - 7:30 pm

Check out some comments
from our members...

"I worship at the Deltona church of Christ because it is a place where you are always made to feel welcome. It is a place where you can learn the word of God and are encouraged to greater love and faith. The people here truly care about one another and seem very sincere in their faith. I am encouraged to live for God in my everday life, I believe as a result of attending here." - Pat Kelly

"Deltona church of Christ is a very close family to me and my daughter. The church is always there to help when there is any need." - Krissie Patterson

"The congregation here in Deltona is one of the warmest experiences one can have. The members truly care about your life and the message that you receive is the truth from the Bible... nothing more nothing less. Visitors comment on how welcome they have been made to feel. It is a place where fellow christians love the gospel and are concerned about it getting to the community." - Shaunn Smith

"Everyone is welcome at the Deltona church of Christ. You hear Bible based teaching and preaching, not just the do's and don'ts. What you will hear and see is a group of people who love God and each other. Many of us who have families that live elsewhere, we have truly found a family here in the church. As senior citizens, we especially enjoy having frequent get togethers with the other older people in the church. It is also a blessing to see our young people and our young families grown in their love for the Lord and each other."
- Bill and Margaret Lambert

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Meet our Minister
Theyo Elam, Minister
Hello, I am Theyo Elam and I am the minister for the Deltona church of Christ. I am blessed to be a part of the work here in Deltona. We have a growing community and a thriving congregation. I want to give you my personal invitation to visit with us Sunday morning at 10 am.

We seek to be a shining light to our community thru the good works that each member does. We reach out to all who are in need to give them the opportunity to fill their greatest need and that is to be eternally saved thru the gospel of Jesus Christ. We come from different backgrounds, but are all one in Christ.

I have worked with the church in Deltona since 2000. I have a commitment to the Lord to preach His word, and to the people not to shrink back from declaring the whole counsel of God. We hope that you will visit with us and give us the opportunity to tell you the reason for the hope that lies within us.

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